Coupe gets to the root cause of your client’s issues. And it actually works. ​

If you’re ready to give your clients a smoother healthcare experience, make your implementation process a breeze and find a healthcare solution that solves industry problems, Coupe Health is ready for you.

Our model was founded by a former broker and health industry leaders to create a new model of insurance that solves for cost and complexity. Coupe has the best results in the industry.   

Why offer your clients Coupe?

How it works.

Broker FAQs

Coupe Health is a new alternative health plan that gives your clients access to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Aware®/BlueCard® PPO Network. We identify top quality providers and show members a price for every medical service upfront, motivating members to seek the best providers.  

We provide members clear, upfront pricing, one monthly statement, 0% financing and a concierge service to make getting care a breeze all while saving employers and their employees time and money.  

Yes! Coupe Health is available on a first dollar and qualified HDHP chassis. With our 0% financing option, the line of credit helps members bridge through their deductible corridor.  

Coupe is for groups of 100 or more who have previously been self-insured. Coupe is a good fit for any industry and employee demographic. 

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