Why Coupe?

More blue skies. A happier way to healthcare.

Healthcare needed a good untangling.

Coupe reimagines the way healthcare works by removing the administrative and financial barriers of a traditional health plan. We make it easy and affordable for people to choose the best care. Simply put, we bring healthcare together.

Price certainty.

You know the price ahead of time. No upfront out-of-pocket costs, add-ons or surprises.

Great care and value.

Easily locate high-quality providers and receive great care for all services.

Exceptional experience.

Coupe makes shopping for healthcare a straightforward and intuitive experience.

Who knew how sweet healthcare could be?

Coupe gives you more than a simple health plan. You also have access to the Coupe member platform where you can search for providers and pharmacies, compare costs, and access the latest in health and wellbeing offerings.